19″ Artistic Smart LED Pendant Lights


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There is an enormous amount of strength in the khaki colour and this shade carries that vigour with it, beautifying your home at every occasion. This light comes with 3 Smart LED bulb. Wipro Smart LED turns your home into a party lounge, a mini-movie theatre, an office, a yoga class, even a campaign spot for your kids! It’s a 16 million colour combinations supporting brightness control from 10% to 100% to create mood lighting suitable for every occasion. But you don’t have to be in the house to do this. These smart LEDs are Wi-Fi enabled so you can switch them on or off, control their brightness or set a timer while being in your car. Or Google, Alexa can do that for you. Set the light colour to match your mood or occasion, set the right light intensity and colour to highlight your decor, or to pep things up for a party or festival.


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