Up With The Fairies (Medium) Tree Branch Crystal Chandelier


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With a much more convenient build for compact spaces, this variant of the Up With The Fairies chandelier makes your heart skip a beat every time you take a glimpse of it. An effervescent chandelier from the exclusive Up With The Fairies collection, this chandelier is simply a sight to behold. Flaunting a shimmering matte gold frame that resembles branches of a tree, multiple bedazzling strings of precision-cut crystals graciously suspend from the frame that bear resemblance to the hoar frost from the cold season. This beauty looks equally radiant and ravishing even when it’s not lit up. This chandelier can lend a distinct character to your beautiful abode and it can effortlessly adorn your living room, lounge, bedroom, dining space and more. Savour a closer look at similarly elegant chandeliers right here.


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